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We strive to assist you by providing cutting-edge audio entrainment stimuli for brain development. LQ combines rhythmic, binaural, and algorithmic methods to deliver soundscape experiences which offer an intense and effective entrainment experience...

Learn about LucidQuest 's Methods...

The science of sound (i.e. waveforms), and its effects on mind, brain and body is nothing new...

Consider the sonic alchemy of Gregorian chants, Tibetan monks, indigenous ceremonies, or even the music of great composers. All of these human works have utilized sound as a medium for enhancing the experience of the mind.

Indeed, so called, primitive cultures were aware of the powerful and beneficial effects of sound centuries before modern science recognized those same benefits.

The 'Mozart Effect' is one popular example of music's phenomenal power, and has been integrated into countless education programs. In fact, the 'Mozart Effect' has been shown in various clinical trials to improve memory, conceptual awareness, mental visualization, activate creativity, and the reduction of depression and anxiety.

At LucidQuest we take these same concepts and couple them with modern technology to offer tools for strengthening the ability of the brain/mind relationship.

A primary method that is applied to our audio programs is called binaural brainwave entrainment. For over 55 years this method has been used by scientists to safely assist the brain in reaching a desired frequency state by harmonizing it with others. 

Lucidquest also uses a variety of cutting edge methods to excite the brain's frequency following response. In addition to binaural entrainment, our process uses geometry, fractal algorithms, cymatic concepts and good old fashioned music to deliver the universal vocabulary of mathematics, balance and logic directly to your mind. 

Come listen to samples of these ground-breaking musical compositions in the SoundScapes section. ...or return to this section's index to learn more.


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