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Relaxation and Sleep Brainwave Entrainment CD
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Does your brain work for you, or against you? Do you master your mind, or does it master you? Modern life riddles the brain with distractions. In our fast-paced, competitive, hyper-stimulating world, quieting our minds and slowing our internal pace is a condition which should not be compromised.

Relaxation Module (volume I)

LucidQuest's first Relaxation Module offers two 30 minute tracks of deep and soothing SoundScapes. The tracks are built on a common entrainment foundation, yet differ in their delivery. We recommend listening to assist with anxiety and achieving sound sleep (all puns intended).

Entrainment methods descend in diminishing slopes, from Beta, Alpha, Theta and then to Delta. Standard binaural technology, synthesized algorithmic audio layers, along with pulsed and panned stereoscopic effects all combine to deliver a powerful alternative to unwind and relax the mind, brain and body.

Track 1 - Is a rhythmical introduction to this effective entrainment foundation. There is an audible "CLICK" and you are immediately transported into an unfolding world of natural sounds and stirring tones. Rain, drums, thunder, whale song and many other sonic delights make ths piece new every time that you listen.

Track 2 - Like a gateway to the Land of Nod, this is the more subdued version of the two entrainment programs. Again, there is the sound of a light switch. You hear a "CLICK" and you are drawn into a soothing audio-space which works to clear the mind's chatter and lower you into the restful arms of slumber.

Listeners often report that they have never heard the end of this CD because they are fast asleep. Intense and vivid dreams may also accompany the use of Relaxation Module I.

Though not required, to gain the full benefits of the CD recording, please use stereo headphones.


LQ's first Relaxation Module is an hour of richly orchestrated soundscapes to help you slowdown and relax immeadiately.
CD Contains: Stress Reduction and Relaxation Program - 30:03| Body Rest and Sleep Program - 30:03


NOTICE: For your safety, do not operate any machinery or vehicles while listening to these programs. For additional information, review our disclaimer.

R.M. v I is part of a continuing research and development project directed to help relax the brian/mind and body. These CDs are mastered with the rich stereoscopic effects and original audio that .mp3 encoding can not deliver. Hear layer upon layer of sounds which help you to relax and unwind.

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