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Listen to what other's have to say about their experience with our products and services. Many of the testimonials below are from unsolicited emails to Michael Kelley, Lucidquest's founder and brainwave entrainment soundscape composer.

If you'd like to talk with LQ's founder and composer, Michael Kelley, write him! Michael feels the best way to serve you is to be directly available to you. So don't be shy if you have any questions or comments. Go to our contact section to write Michael directly, or for any of our other correspondence services.

General Testimonials...

"I have prescribed LucidQuest CD’s to several of my patients for both insomnia and concentration. All of them have been quite pleased with the results, which included sleeping better and being able to better prepare for exams. I also enjoy the CD’s for myself, especially when I need help winding down from a long day of seeing patients."

-Dr. Apryl Krause-
Naturopathic Medical Physician
Arizona, US


Root to Sky Testimonials...


Thanks for responding to my questions. I'd like to tell you thanks for such a wonderful gift. I have been using R2S, for about 3 weeks now and the results are quite noticeable. First, I've found vast improvements in my overall mood. My whole family has commented on how patient I've been lately. Also, I'm a software developer by trade. My focus has really zoomed in since I've listened to your work, even when not listening! The benefits of what you're doing with this technology is great!"

-Brian Keele-
New York, US

"Hello Michael,

I live in the UK & so raved on about your work that my friend bought me my very own copy of "Root to the Sky" and I have to say it is fabulous...I have been making do with the MP3 downloads from your website, but my computer is a bit of a dinosaur with a crummy sound card. Anyway I just wanted you to know that your work is really appreciated by me and I think the production of the CD's is supreme.

One of my creative outlets is to paint and this music compliments and encourages me into activity....Inspiring in other words:)) I also think tai chi would be great to do with the more meditative pieces playing in the background so I am going to try that too!"

United Kingdom

"I just listened to a few of your pieces and I am IN LOVE! Really, I absolutely love everything... The slower pieces caused my head to throb in a pleasant way, and the faster beats really are invigorating"

N. Carolina, US

"...wanted very much to thank you for what you're doing.  Love what I've heard so far.  FYI, some of your music actually made my brain smile. :) Thank you, again, for sharing your brilliance with the world. You are truly appreciated" 

California, US

"Thank you very much. Your music is awesome, and the effects are quite strong. Keep up the amazing work and thanks again"
-Sergio Romero-
Relaxation Module I Testimonials...
"I'm a 911 dispatcher, and as you can guess, I pick up a whole lot of stress at work. Your CD puts me at such ease at the end of a day. I just come home, pop your CD in and my worries and stress just wash away. Its effects are comparable to taking a nice trip out of town for some fishing."
-James Greaves-
Oregon, US
"I have never felt such deep relaxation, since I sat at the edge of the ocean, as a young lady. When listening to the first track, any of my sadness or troubles just bubble up, and float away. I've been reminded of how peaceful my mind can be. It's a shame to have forgotten.
United Kingdom
"I use track 2 of Relaxation Module to sleep, and I have never never heard the end of it! (that's because I'm fast asleep)"
-John Michael-
Arizona, US

Do you have a testimonial you would like to share? Write us by clicking here, or send a letter to: LucidQuest - P.O Box 9905 - Phoenix, AZ 85068


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