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The most important skill we can master is the ability to relax both body and mind to release distracting thought. Learning to release distraction brings the mind into a calm and clear stillness. Holding this stillness is a key to mastering your thinking self.

Mind Balance Exercise v.I 9:09 mins

Composed mostly with rich ambient tones, this soothing, tension releasing SoundScape delivers a listener into a focused Delta meditation state. Perfect for insomnia, calming edginess, and general relaxation...

Mind Balance Exercise v.II 12:00 mins

Version II extends the focus state of the previous mind balance exercise. Try to hold your attention while easing into deep relaxation (excellent practice for lucid dreaming).

Remembering G 13:35 mins

This entrainment lowers to a deep mediation state, and then back to an energized, calm awareness. The composition has an airy, open mood, which ascends into a splendid rhythm matrix.


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Currently, LucidQuest offers soundscape and music downloads in .mp3 format only. We have found it is the best format to honor the resolution of the compositions, while providing you with the fastest possible download.

An MP3* offers a compressed representation of the original source, serving as a generic or LO-FI representation of what the original recording will offer.

*NOTE: In many cases an MP3 is a sufficient format for general music reproduction. However convenient, this compressed format can not provide the rich underlying dynamic that is contained in the original recording. If you want to experience the full effects intended with these compositions, an original, high-resolution recording (such as the original CDs from LucidQuest), is highly recommended.


NOTICE: For your safety, do not operate any machinery or vehicles while listening to these programs. For additional information, review our disclaimer.

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